In N Out Burger – San Francisco

No trip to the US is complete without visiting the famous In N Out Burger. This legendary chain started in Baldwin Park, Los Angeles in 1948, and is renowned for its high-quality burgers, with fresh ingredients. To date it has resisted temptation to franchise or go public and is still privately owned and held within its founding Snyder family.  It expanded into California, but now has branches stretching out into Nevada and Texas, never far away from its distribution centres to ensure that quality is maintained. Harry Snyder who created the chain, watched other burger restaurants expand vastly by adopting the franchise model, and introducing new techniques in mass-producing their food. In N Out burger have always stuck to their original model,using fresh ingredients for their burgers, which has grown them a strong and almost cult-like following.

After missing out on several drive-through branches, I visited the Fisherman’s Wharf restaurant in San Francisco and was not disappointed. The first thing I noticed was just how cheap it was, after hearing so much about it I feared it would be ‘gourmet burger’ prices, however a weighty double-cheeseburger was around $3.50.

The burger looked great, packed full of goodness, the onion slices (almost larger than the patties) were huge as was the large tomato slice at the base. The famous sauce was really good, they pride themselves on this and not revealing its secret recipe.

You could really taste the beef in the patty, if I was to have one criticism it would be the patty was a little on the small side, but for the price it was better than anything else out there.  A great chain, with history,  and would love to see them in the UK one day.

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