Tommi’s Christmas Burger

To get into the festive spirit I sampled Tommi’s Christmas burger last night. A venison burger with a real mix mash of yule-tide ingredients, including Merbier cheese, pickled red cabbage, horseradish green pepper and of course cranberry sauce. Luckily sprouts didn’t make the final cut.











I had to have it on the go, and as you can see if didn’t travel too well. The venison was nice and pink in the middle and I was surprised to find that red cabbage (never my favourite as a child) makes for a good ingredient.

The start of the process, pre ‘Death Grip’.











The final ‘Death Grip’ stage – it clearly had no chance


















All-in-all a tasty Christmas treat, my only faulting being its size – still being slightly peckish after finishing.  Hopefully this will be a permenant feature on the menu.

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