W P Gold Burger, Shibuya – Tokyo

The search for the perfect Tokyo burger took our-man-in-Japan to WP Gold Burger in Shinuya, the heart of Toyko.

It was difficult to find, barely being signposted, but then what is easy in the centre of Tokyo? Also its size doesn’t help it being pretty tiny, but when inside the atmosphere and feel of the place is cosy.

Being an ex-skateboarder, part of the charm of this place for our guy was its homage to the sport, where skate videos play on loop in the background. This is down to the 2 owners also being skaters.

Now back to the food – Our man sampled the barbecue cheese burger. W.P.G.B are one of a growing number of burger joints that are grinding their meat much coarser, which is not everyone’s preference. Here’s his verdict:

“I prefer the meat to be ground quite fine but this patty was cooked to perfection over coals and coated with a delicious home made BBQ sauce. Served with a choice of mashed potato or fries, I went for the mash and it was good. Creamy and with little bacon bits in there too. The guys who run the place are friendly, there’s coke in a bottle, good music and only a 5 minute walk from Shibuya. This place should be on any serious burger gourmet’s list of restaurants to visit. It’s not top 5 material but it’s worth going out of your way to try.”




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